Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Concept : The Seat Below the Fan

Concept :

The effect of the fan is felt best in the seat right next to the one directly below it.

Logic :

If you -
1) are an ardent lover of adventure novels of stormy weather,
2) paid attention in geography back in school,
3) have been/are/will be employed in the country's meteorological department,
4) read the paper regularly,
5) are inexplicably brilliant,

you must be familiar with the 'eye of the storm' phenomenon according to which, in the area within the perimeter of the whirling wind, the weather is deceptively calm.

Similarly, when seated directly under the fan, one is in the area of calm i.e. the 'eye' of the pseudo storm whirled up by the revolutions of the blades of the kaitan/PSPO/*insert brand name*. Hence,
red X = lack of air current
                                                 ==> NOT COOL
      = perspiration

blue X = interception of air currents by self
                                                 ==>VERY COOL
       = lack of perspiration

So, do not fight for the seat below the fan. Fight for the one beside it.

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